Raised in the Sipp w/Rita Brent

Mothers of the Civil Rights Era, with Ms. Gloria Dickerson

May 18, 2021

We kick off our Mothers of the Civil Rights Era series as Rita Brent is joined by Ms. Gloria Dickerson, the daughter of civil rights activist and icon Mae Bertha Carter. In 1965, Mae Bertha integrated the previously all-white district by sending her 13 children to the public Sunflower County schools. Mae Bertha and her entire family endured years of threats, taunts, teasing, and violence in response to their enrolling in the public schools. After fights on the bus, a drive-by shooting into their home, and having their local grocer deny them food, Mae Bertha still refused to remove her children from the schools. Gloria describes how her mother's love and resilience inspired not just an entire family, but the whole community, to keep on going.

Presently, Gloria Dickerson owns and operates We2Gether Creating Change, a nonprofit in Drew, MS, serving as a change agent in the transformation of poor and low income communities from perceived places of poverty, low skills, and despair to places of prosperity, abundant skills, and hope.

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