Raised in the Sipp w/Rita Brent

Mothers of the Civil Rights Movement, with Dr. Flonzie Brown Wright

June 4, 2021

Rita interviews another Mother of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, the trailblazing Dr. Flonzie Brown Wright. Dr. Brown Wright was the first Black woman elected to public office in Mississippi, pre- or post-Reconstruction, when she won the race to become an Elections Commissioner in Madison County in 1968. Flonzie shares experiences from her childhood, how she was protected by her mother and father, her roots in the Church, and how she became an outspoken activist.

"When Medgar was assassinated, something changed in my soul," she said of her 1963 foray into organizing and advocacy in Biloxi, MS. She was recruited by MS Freedom Democratic Party co-founder Annie Devine to run for office. She became an Election Commissioner in Madison County and helped register thousands of African American voters. Rita and Flonzie discuss her book, "Looking Back to Move Ahead," and how she persevered through years of hurdles to make a real difference.

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